$30K for 10-12 stories over 6 months. Can be fulfilled faster with pre-approval of topic. 


- Weekly mastermind/public speaking training or update calls per month with Amplified Authority for the duration of the production of the 10-12 publications and 30 days after last publication goes live.

- Unlimited PR strategy and advisory calls/messages for the duration of the production of the stories.


- Establish clear claim to fame and brand story (overlooked by most!!!)


- 5-6 guaranteed placements in Tier 1 media outlets, with goal of obtaining at least one placement per month 


- 5-6 additional placements or media services over 6 months (blog post, mention, business interview, podcast booking, radio booking, television booking, removal negative article, submission for social media check, IMDB/wiki establish/updates, or other article/media feature). 


- Includes access to celebrities for shoutouts and collaborations (some partnerships may incur additional costs paid directly to influencers/celebrities)  for the duration of the production of the stories.

(BONUS) Access to network of business leaders, influencers, agents and celebrities


(BONUS) Google Auto Complete management (control suggested searches)


(BONUS) Help with improving or establishing reviews

(BONUS) Help you develop your website


(BONUS) Help you write a book

Ideal for clients looking to share their story at the highest level possible for a long term campaign.  This is ideal for those looking to becoming influencers or celebrities in their area of expertise, but also will work for those new to telling their story through the media, or who are reputation management or reputation defense clients that need constant content being published, reviews updated, Wikipedia updates, and help managing or establishing the general story or reputation of a person or brand on credible outlets and platforms at the highest level possible.

First we will work together to develop and review your personal or brand's claim to fame and brand story. This is an extremely important step in being successful with scaling any brand that is overlooked by 9 out of 10 people and brands.  Having a clear brand story and clear claim to fame in the media has been identified as a key factor that the top 1% most successful brands all share.


Second, we will work together with media outlets in our network to establish and reinforce your claim to fame and brand story by producing and working to have stories published in at least one media outlet every month, guaranteed. 

Each month you will also appear in at least one other media outlet, or be allowed one other media service such as being booked for a podcast, booked for a television interview, submitted for a reality show casting, create and submit updates to IMDB or wiki, submit for social media checks, challenge unfairly posted negative reviews, submit you to the INC5000 or other services you may request.  We will always do our best to satisfy all requests.


You will also receive at least one weekly update and strategy call or message, and have the ability to request as many publicity, marketing and media support messages and calls you may require.

(BONUS) Our Tier 1 service also includes social media advisory and growth planning.  Please contact us for an example of a client journey.


There is no monthly contract. No prorated refunds are given. No services are obligated by either party after monthly agreement has been canceled unless otherwise noted in writing.  Either party may terminate the agreement at any time with written notice.  We will always give clients at least 30 days notice if we must withdraw.