Be Crowned THE Authority In Your Marketplace & Position Your Company At The Top Of Your Industry!

Wearing the Crown Doesn't Have To Be Difficult

About Amplified

Amplified Authority is a public relations and reputation management firm. We’re known for achieving the impossible for clients. 

We work with a wide range of celebrities and brands to tell their story and help scale their message to the world, and help you become the most desired company or celebrity in your space.

 See How We Helped Turn "Average" Businesses Into Highly-Profitable, Market Leading Companies That Own The Market!

See How Others Are Becoming THE AUTHORITY In Their Market Place In Record Time. It Has Nothing To Do With Luck Or Experience!

Why PR Is Directly Tied To Your Success

PR used the old way has little effect on a company's bottom line. However, when implemented strategically and compounded properly... you will create just a few of the benefits below that will mold the position your company is perceived in the market, and expand your audience in the most trustworthy way possible.

Positioning & Authority

Human nature draws us to those at the top. The position you take in your market directly determines the amount you can charge, and the difficulty you will have closing sales and attracting the top customers. 

Positioning your company at the top is key to building success and having a dream business instead of a hassle.

It's Not About What You Say

What you say about your business doesn't matter. 

What others say about you is key. Say you're the best and nobody cares. If everyone else says you're the best... then you're the best, but it doesn't happen by accident. We help everyone else say you're the best.

Tell Your Story

In the day and age of Google someone will tell the story they want about you and your business.

You need to share your story with the world - this is what people really care about and engages people on an emotional level.

Don't think you have a story? Contact us and find out.

Getting More Eyeballs

When done properly, you can target your audience and attract the (and convert) the most people through publicity.

It should be a cornerstone of your marketing strategy along with advertising (and we're huge fans of advertising). The benefits can exceed what paid ads can achieve.