- 1 guaranteed story per month, written and distributed to the Associated Press


- 1 submission for verification

- Establish clear claim to fame and brand story (overlooked by most!!!)

- 1 thirty minute advisory call with Amplified Authority per month

- unlimited and text message advisory

- additional publications available at additional costs


One month trial does NOT include any of the following bonuses:

- (Bonus) Access to network of business leaders, influencers, agents and celebrities


- (Bonus) First right of refusal for celebrity/influencer growth campaigns


- (Bonus) Google Auto Complete management (control suggested searches)


- (Bonus) Help with improving or establishing reviews


- (Bonus) Help you develop your website


- (Bonus) Help you write a book


Ideal for clients who are already established in the media and need help managing inbound press requests, or advice on how to handle the attention they are receiving from the press or media (anything related to reputation management does not qualify for this program).

Every month our team will create at least one Google News approved news release for you and/or your company/brand to keep your Google News tab current.  We will also advise on your content schedule, content style, and advise on all marketing channels. 

You will also receive at least one monthly update and strategy call or message, and have the ability to request as many publicity, marketing and media support messages and calls you may require.


There is no monthly contract.  Some stories that begin production in the first 30 days may require additional time to get published. No prorated refunds are given. No services are obligated by either party after monthly agreement has been canceled unless otherwise noted in writing.  Either party may terminate the agreement at any time with written notice.  We will always give clients at least 30 days notice if we must withdraw.