“If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on PR” - Bill Gates

This is an exclusive opportunity to work directly with media, PR, branding and internet marketing expert Amplified Authority who has been featured on many TV shows and has helped secure placements in Forbes, Huffington Post, CBS News and more for himself and over 100 others. He has agreed to share his advice and media relationships at top tier media outlets with the 10 most qualified clients who are ready to get national media coverage.  


Clients have gone on to get millions of views on their videos, close 7 figure deals, or been cast in major TV and Film opportunities after working with Amplified Authority!  

Don't miss out!

Work with Amplified Authority to get 1 story published on the Associated Press ( which will send your story to be published on CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX and at least 1-2 other major news outlets. (This is perfect if you want to get fast press for your product, brand or launch and want to use authority logos on your landing pages and marketing materials).


Who is the Broadcast Media Package ideal for? 

- This package is ideal for new brands with little or no publicity.  It is a safe and solid way of beginning to build up reputation in the media.

- This package is also ideal for established and well publicized brands that want to have full control over a specific story released in the media, such as an official statement, product release, strategic partnership or other noteworthy event or milestone. Features can be published weekly, monthly, quarterly, or just once. 

What is included?

1) 30 minute interview/discovery/PR coaching call

2) One professionally written story

3) Guaranteed the story will appear in digital versions of and CBS News, ABC News, NBC News, Fox News and at least one other major news outlet (ie: CNBC, Yahoo News, Tribune Media, etc).

4) Story includes active backlink, 16 x 9 image and/or embedded YouTube or Vimeo video. 

To be clear, the story is published in ALL outlets, not just one of them. 

Are there any geographic restrictions?

- Stories can be published about public figures, businesses, brands, or causes from anywhere in the world, however, all these stories will appear in local and nationwide news outlets in the USA only.  Many international brands have been successful securing American media placements using this program, and leveraging those articles to have more impact and authority when reaching out to the international media. 

How does the process work?

- After locking in your place through this website, you can expect the following:

1) Onboarding/Welcome Email within 24 hours confirming your purchase and the entire process. 

2) Schedule a 20-30 minute interview to help create the direction and source details for the story, and begin brainstorming of headlines. 

3) A few high quality headlines will be Emailed to you for your approval as well as confirmation about details that were obtained during the interview to be submitted to a journalist. 

4) Our representatives collaborate with a journalist to create a story that meets all criteria of the publisher while also conveying your narrative in a positive manner. 

5) Once the draft is written, it will be Emailed to you for your review. This is very important since with most other PR companies, you do not have any control what they write about you once you have submitted your story to them.  With this program, you get to approve exactly what is being written about you before it is published. 

6) Once you make any changes or approve the draft, we collaborate with you to add either a photo, video, or both to your story, and then our firm submits your article to be published.  Your story is guaranteed to be published on websites of all major news outlets; CBS News, ABC News, NBC News and Fox News, and at least one other major news outlet (ie: CNBC, Yahoo News, Tribune Media, etc).  If the topic is hot, the story will get picked up by a lot of other outlets as well. 

7) We Email you a report with live links within about 7 days of the story going live. 

How long does it take? 

- The entire process takes between 15-30 days if client responds to Emails and schedules calls within 24 hours. 

Is this opportunity limited? 

- This is limited to the first 10 clients who are ready to get national media coverage.

Is there a money back guarantee?

- Yes, if for whatever reason your story can not be published, you will receive a 100% refund. 


  • Amplified Authority GUARANTEES you will get placement in ALL of the following: CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX and at least 1 other outlet within 30 days. Most submissions get picked up by at least 10 other outlets as well.
  • 30 Minute PR coaching and strategy call to determine your brand's goals and the best ways to leverage PR to achieve those goals.
  • You can submit your own news story and have it professionally edited or choose to have the story written by an expert copy writer for no extra cost. 
  • You will receive HD Files of the authority logos of all news sites your publication appears on to use on your landing pages, marketing materials & ads and PDFs of the articles
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee – if you're not placed within 45 days of your interview and approved draft, you get 100% refund.
  • Privacy - your privacy is guaranteed. All clients' information and use of this service is kept confidential.

    BONUS 1: Work with you to improve your social media authority

    BONUS 2: Work with you to review guidelines for Wikipedia


    BONUS 3: Refer you to ways to get featured in more publications, reality TV show castings and other PR opportunities.